Shashi Doni – Founder of Conscentia Consulting LLC

Shashi Doni is the founder of Conscentia Consulting LLC; a boutique IT consulting firm specialized in designing, developing and managing technology solutions for early-stage funds and financial services startups. More specifically, Conscentia Consulting LLC focuses on:

  • High volume, low latency equity trading systems across all facets of electronic trading such as market data, analytics, algorithmic trading, smart order routing and crossing engines.
  • Messaging solutions using various middleware technologies such as TibcoEMS, 29West, Solace, Kdb.
  • Design and implementation of data warehouse and backtesting infrastructure, co-lo sites.
  • Vendor interfacing, product evaluation, and adoption.
  • Team building and budget management.
  • Implementation of processes, version control, release and deployment management.

Shashi Doni has over 15 years of experience specializing in evolution of the design and architecture of the low touch trading technology platform across algorithmic trading, smart order routing, crossing and market data.

Shashi Doni has decades of experience building mission critical applications responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. He possesses in depth knowledge of market microstructure, multi asset classes, market data, order types, order entry protocols, alpha signals, and back test methodologies.

Shashi Doni provides guidance and leadership to the development teams across all the platforms, work closely with the stake holders to ensure a consistent architecture should develop which would take the firms to the next level. He also leads the effort in optimizing and latency reduction techniques for all electronic trading applications. Moreover, Shashi is involved in researching and identifying new technical architectures and hardware infrastructure improvements for the low touch platforms. He partners with vendors to evaluate the latest technologies.

Shashi Doni has an MS in Polymer Engineering from University of Akron, an MS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Akron, and a bachelor’s degree from University of Mysore in India.

Outside of work, Shashi enjoys all things racket from rallying a bouncing ball on the tennis court to hitting a shuttlecock in badminton. He loves reading books, watching movies, and volunteering at New York Cares during his free time.

Shashi is a family-oriented man and loves to spend time with his wife and kids.


Shashi Doni is a renowned IT architect who has designed information technology solutions for big organizations

Shashi Doni is a veteran IT architect who has designed innovative software, hardware, and networking solutions for renowned financial industry organizations throughout his career. These solutions have immensely strengthened the business structure resulting in profitable ROI.

Shashi Doni has 15 years of experience in developing state of the art, high performance financial applications. He has developed and delivered high performance and fault tolerant financial applications for organizations like Bloomberg L.P, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, and BNP Paribas. At Bloomberg L.P, Shashi Doni worked as a team leader and lead and developed an email server to provide single entry point for email operations. He also designed email filter server for email monitoring. Later he joined Morgan Stanley; there he developed a framework to apply context specific business validations to loan data. He then worked with Credit Suisse as Vice President, and was responsible for handling, developing, and leading a wide range of information technology solutions. Later on, he joined Barclays Capital as a Director where he worked with middle ware vendors, lead development of prototype messaging library. And then worked with BNP Paribas, where he managed, designed and built out of location data-center. He currently runs an IT consulting firm, in addition to his role as Portfolio Manager and CTO at a boutique firm in NYC.

As a front office and portfolio manager, Shashi Doni possesses in depth knowledge of market microstructure, market data, order types, order entry protocols, alpha signals, & back test methodologies. He is skilled in C++, C, Perl. PL/SQL, JAVA, Python, STL, Boost, ACE, Concurrent Programming, Distributed Systems, Poco, Template Meta Programming, Database Systems, Solace, Tibco, Linux (SuSe, Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS), TCP, UDP, Multicast, LBM, & UME. He is a result driven individual with focus on efficiency and ROI.