Shashi Doni is an Eminent IT Architect in the Financial Industry

Shashi Doni is an eminent IT architect and executive from the financial industry with a great level of expertise in sophisticated and advanced technologies. He has over 15 years of experience in developing innovative high performance financial applications. He is a result-oriented executive and strives to focus on all aspects of technology to improve business functionality, including team building and management, implementing standards, procedures and processes.

Shashi Doni started his professional career as a team leader for the communication group with Bloomberg L.P. Being a leader; he led an initiative towards breaking the existing monolithic code base into multi-tier architecture. He also designed and developed the email server for single entry point for email operations, facilitating seamless integration of the email system with internal and external systems such as Orchestria. In addition to this, he designed and implemented high performance email filter server for email monitoring.

After leaving Bloomberg, Shashi Doni worked for various international financial firms developing a wide range of state-of-the-art high performance and fault tolerant financial applications. Over the years, he has developed a profound knowledge of the equity market microstructure, market data, alpha signals, and the execution strategies.

At present, Shashi Doni is running his own Conscentia Consulting LLC, a boutique firm specializing in developing back testing infrastructure, trading system design and implementation, Algo implementation and consulting for early stage funds and financial services start-ups.

Owing to great skills and expertise, Shashi Doni has proficiency in C++11, C, Perl, PL/SQL, JAVA, Python, STL, Boost, ACE, Poco, Template Meta Programming, Concurrent Programming, Distributed Systems, Database Systems and Programming, TCP, UDP, Multicast, LBM, UME, Solace, Tibco, Linux (SuSe, Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS), Market Data and Order Entry Protocols, Team Management, Budget Management, Vendor Interfacing and Management. Apart from work, he likes to play tennis, badminton, squash and racquetball in his free time. He enjoys reading and giving back to community through active volunteering.


Author: Shashi Doni

Extensive Experience in Finance and Technology. Distinguished IT Architect and Executive with expertise in diverse range of technologies within financial industry. Have Knowledge of Mature Technologies, Excellent Management Skills. Good Knowledge of Equity Market Microstructure, Market Data, and Order Entry Protocols. Also have expertise in developing complex C++ systems on Linux. Worked for many Reputed Companies. Some of them includes: Bloomberg L.P. - Team Leader, Communication Group from 2002 - 2006; Morgan Stanley – Senior Associate, Fixed Income IT, Whole Loan Group from 2006 - 2006; Credit Suisse – Vice President, Prop IT, High Frequency Trading Group from 2006 - 2008; Credit Suisse – Vice President, Equity IT, AES Crossfinder, Light Pool from 2008 - 2010; Barclays Capital – Director, Equity IT, Electronic Trading Group from 2010 - 2011; BNP Paribas – Director, MLP, Proprietary Trading Group from 2011 - 2012. Founded Conscentia Consulting LLC in 2012, a boutique IT consulting firm specialized in designing, developing and managing technology solutions for early-stage funds and financial services startups. Through technology consulting services, helped numerous companies make their systems technology-driven without going overboard with the budget. Done BE, Polymer Science & Tech(1994-1998) from Mysore Univ.; MS Polymer Engineering(1998-2001), Math & CS (in progress) from Univ. of Akron, OH. Also got National Merit Scholarship, Top 100 CET Rank, Topped District in 12th, Post Grad. with Scholarship from Univ. Play Sports such as Tennis, Raquetball, Squash, Badminton. Read Books, Watch Movies. Spend Time With Kids. Volunteer. Learn About Technology. Volunteers with NYC Care. Linkedin -

One thought on “Shashi Doni is an Eminent IT Architect in the Financial Industry”

  1. Hi Shashi, can you plz tell me the exact location of your Company, Conscentia Consulting LLC as i am also residing in New York. In the coming days, I would like to hire the services of your company for my financial concerns.


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